Outrank your competitors on Google with SEO-Intelligence

  • Monitor your competitors’ SEO strategies & tactics.
  • Receive actionable insights via an online dashboard.
  • Outperform competitors in organic search results.
  • Start at €200/month.

So, what is SEO-intelligence?

Imagine knowing the exact recipe behind your competitors' high score in organic search results. Now, think about improving on that and scoring even higher yourself...

With our SEO-Intelligence, this magic becomes reality. Keep an eye on the competition and beat them at their own game by getting your site to rank even higher. It's a surefire way to improve your digital presence and a smart tool for popular or overcrowded markets.

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Your own SEO-Intelligence Dashboard

Through our custom dashboard, you'll get updated on what your competitors are doing and what you can do to outperform them. It shows you ->

  • Newly published content, such as articles and blogs.
  • Website adjustments, such as new pages or updated content.
  • A complete view of their website structure.
  • AI-powered recommendations how to outrank them.

Our dashboard gets updated every day, serving as your go-to tool for outsmarting your competitors on SEO.

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How it works

Our technology gathers data from your competitors’ websites daily. Leveraging the power of AI, the dashboard presents actionable SEO insights.

Data gathering

We gather SEO-relevant data from your competitors’ websites daily.


Deep AI-analysis

AI technology analyzes this data and finds what’s most important for their SEO rankings.



Our user-friendly dashboard brings you customized reports and recommendations.


Outranking the rest

Benefit from AI-powered recommendations to outrank competitors on organic search results.


Curious to see the SEO-Intelligence dashboard in action?

We'd love to take you through it. Request a demo today!

How you benefit

Optimize your competitive position to outperform the market.

Data integrated into your systems or a user friendly dashboard

Based on your preferences, we can integrate our intelligence data into the tools you already use. We're talking seamless connections with your BI-tools like Looker Studio, Power BI or Qliq, as well as with your databases, CRM or ERP. For this, we can provide an API.

Another way to get access to the data you're looking for is through our easy to use online dashboard. We fully design it to match your team’s workflows, so you can save time and start improving your SEO results straight away.

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Standard or advanced?

Whether you need info on basic products or detailed custom services,
we offer standard, advanced and tailored solutions to meet your wishlist.

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Frequently asked

What are the costs for SEO-Intelligence?

Typically, our pricing includes a one-time setup fee of €2,000 and a monthly fee of €200.

Can I tailor the dashboard to my specific needs?

Yes. While we provide a best-practice template for the online dashboard, we understand that one size does not fit all. Should you have particular requirements for your dashboard's functionality or appearance, our team will craft a solution that fits your specifications.

How do I get access to the dashboard?

Access to your dashboard is streamlined and secure. We build your dashboard in PowerBI, which is then linked to your Microsoft365 account. This integration allows you to log in using your existing credentials, offering a seamless and secure way to access insights.

Ready to outrank your competitors on Google?

Improve your SEO performance by tracking your competitors, surpassing them and driving more traffic to your website. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you a free quote.