Outsmart your competition with AI Review Intelligence

  • Monitor your & your competitors' online reviews at scale.
  • Receive actionable insights powered by AI technology.
  • Access relevant data via your online dashboard.
  • Leverage customer feedback to outperform the market.

So, what is review intelligence?

Online reviews provide valuable information. They reveal how customers interact with products, customer support and retail locations and show how consumers experience processes such as purchasing and delivery.

Digging into online reviews at scale enables you to benefit from authentic and relevant customer feedback. This way, you gain extra tools to improve your business.

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Your AI Review Intelligence Dashboard

An AI review intelligence dashboard provides you with up-to-date insights into online reviews of both your own company and your competitors. This data can be gathered from any digital source.

You can now benchmark review scores, understand the positive and negative drivers of satisfaction and take action to dominate your market.

How it works

Our technology gathers reviews at scale from any digital source. Leveraging AI, our dashboard presents actionable insights & recommendations.

Review gathering

We gather online reviews about your business and your competitors.



Our AI technology sifts through all reviews, providing actionable insights.



Our user-friendly dashboard brings you customized reports and recommendations.


Outsmart the rest

You can now leverage authentic customer feedback at scale to outperform the market.


Experience AI review intelligence today!

Interested in watching the magic happen? Request a demo and see for yourself.

How you benefit

Optimize your competitive position to outperform the market.
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Standard or advanced?

Whether you need info on basic products or detailed custom services,
we offer standard, advanced and tailored solutions to meet your wishlist.

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Frequently asked

What are the costs for review intelligence?

Typically, our pricing includes a setup fee of €2,000 and a monthly fee of €500. Our pricing model is designed to be flexible, catering to your requirements, especially in terms of review sources and dashboard customization.

Can I include my internally available reviews in the dashboard?

Absolutely. By incorporating data from your internal review mechanisms in the dashboard, you will benefit from a unified view of customer sentiment.

Can I tailor the dashboard to my specific needs?

Yes. While we provide a best-practice template for the online dashboard, we understand that one size does not fit all. Should you have particular requirements for your dashboard's functionality or appearance, our team will craft a solution that fits your specifications.

How do I get access to the dashboard?

Access to your dashboard is streamlined and secure. We build your dashboard in PowerBI, which is then linked to your Microsoft365 account. This integration allows you to log in using your existing credentials, offering a seamless and secure way to access insights.

Ready to outsmart competitors based on online customer feedback?

Monitor your and your competitors' online reviews at scale & leverage these insights to outperform the market. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you a free quote.