Data solutions that enable you to outsmart the competition.

We build and maintain scrapers that turn any website into structured data and insights. Our 3-step approach will keep it simple for you.

How can I outrank my competitors on Google?
What can I learn from my competitor's online reviews?
How do I optimize my pricing and assortment v.s. competitors?

Competitive advantage in 3 steps

In 3 easy steps – we enable plug & play competitive intelligence for you.
Let us do all the hard work. You’ll be live in no-time.

Strategy & Requirements
First, we make sure that we understand your business challenge. Based on this, we make the plan to get you all data & insights that will allow you to outsmart competitors.
Development & Matching
We leverage data gathering via scrapers and APIs. Of course, we match data with your data model – enabling a plug & play experience for your workflow.
Delivery & Maintenance
We implement automated delivery of data & insights in any preferred format, tool and frequency. Of course, we perform quality checks and take care of maintenance.
Actionable competitive insights
We can extract data from a variety of sources, including websites and marketplaces. Our data engineers and analysts connect and enrich data to provide you with real competitive advantage.
We adapt to you
We connect to your way of working, enabling a plug & play experience of competitive intelligence in your daily decision making. We use the tools that you already use.
Matched data
We tackle the challenge of matching data so you can benefit from a unified view of different sources – internal & external.
Quality assurance
You can trust our data. We leverage the power AI to automate quality checks, while honoring the importance of human validation.

Your return on investment will be outstanding. Our service packages start at €130 per month and we provide custom development at €60 hourly rate.

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How can you benefit?

Companies that work with us outperform their competitors -> more sales, higher revenue, better margins. Want to discover how you can benefit?
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Let's talk
Act upon competitor price and assortment changes
Improve ROAS by allocating budget to well positioned products
Monitor your and your competitor’s online reviews at scale with AI
Unveil your competitor's SEO strategies and outrank them
Generate actionable lead lists for sales or sourcing
Your company
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