Create your optimal price with competitor price monitoring

  • Monitor competitor pricing on any website & marketplace.
  • Make informed decisions and automate your pricing.
  • Improve your sales, revenue & margin.
  • Start from €130/month.

Track pricing, promotions, availability and more...

Wouldn't it save a ton of time if you could automatically track the pricing, promotional activities and inventory levels of your competitors? So you can keep up... and do it better.

We can help you gather data from any webshop, website, price-comparison platforms (like Google Shopping) and from online marketplaces (like Amazon and

Accurate matching for spot-on comparisons

Our matching algorithm, powered by AI, stands as the market's most refined. It pairs products, extending its capabilities to identify not just identical items but also those that are similar.

This technology enables online price monitoring for various industries, effortlessly accommodating products and services, including those without an EAN code.

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How it works

Our technology gathers reviews at scale from any online platform. Leveraging the power of AI, the dashboard presents actionable insights and recommendations.

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Experience AI-powered pricing intelligence for yourself.

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How you benefit

Optimize your competitive position to outperform the market.

Data integrated into your systems or a user friendly dashboard

Based on your preferences, we can integrate our intelligence data into the tools you already use. We're talking seamless connections with your BI-tools like Looker Studio, Power BI or Qliq, as well as with your databases, CRM or ERP. For this, we can provide an API.

Another way to get access to the data you're looking for is through our easy to use online dashboard. We fully design it to match your team’s workflows, so you can save time and start optimizing your pricing straight away.

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Standard or advanced?

Whether you need info on basic products or detailed custom services,
we offer standard, advanced and tailored solutions to meet your wishlist.

price monitoring

Meet our solution for standard products or keyword search --> Track pricing for the same or similar products on any website, any comparison platform (Google Shopping and others) and any marketplace (Amazon, & more).

Discover pricing
Discover pricing
price monitoring

Meet our solution for services - such as car leasing, hospitality, telecom and insurance - and custom products without EAN code --> Track dedicated competitor websites, including advanced (configurator) scraping & matching.

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Get in touch

Frequently asked

What is competitor price monitoring?

Competitor price monitoring is the process of automatically tracking the prices of your competitors' products or services. This includes monitoring prices on websites, comparison platforms, and online marketplaces. The goal is to gain insights into pricing trends, identify opportunities for competitive pricing, and optimize pricing strategies to improve sales and market position.

How does competitor price monitoring work?

By using web scraping technologies and APIs, we collect pricing data from various sources where competitors list their products and services. This data is then analyzed and presented in an easily digestible format, such as an online dashboard or an Excel file. We can also make the data available via an API. Our solutions include features like price change alerts, historical price development, and market analysis. With these insights, you can make informed decisions to outperform competitors.

Why is competitor price monitoring important?

Competitor price monitoring is crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the market. By understanding how your prices compare to those of your competitors, you can adjust your pricing strategy to attract more customers, increase sales, or improve profit margins. It also helps in identifying market trends and customer behavior regarding pricing.

What advanced matching options are available?

Should the standard matching outcomes prove inadequate, than we can deploy custom matching solutions. Our suite of advanced matching technologies includes fuzzy text matching, specification-based matching, image recognition, and table matching, among others. Each of these solutions leverages the power of AI to deliver superior matching results.

Is competitor price monitoring available for every website?

For competitor price monitoring to work effectively, the pricing information must be publicly available. Websites that require a visitor to log in to see prices often are not suitable for competitor price monitoring. Do you have a specific website in mind? Feel free to get in touch; our team is looking forward to analyzing the possibilities for you.

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