Optimize your assortment based on competitive insights

  • Analyze competitors' assortments at scale.
  • Understand their full range, pricing & more.
  • Benchmark your assortment and spot opportunities.
  • Get relevant sellers for missing products.

What can you learn from competitors' assortments?

The offer of your competition is valuable source of inspiration for your own assortment. Understanding what they sell at which prices, while keeping track of their inventory levels, allows you to outsmart them.

Our technology sifts through your competitors' assortments at scale, enabling you to gain valuable insights and continuously optimize your assortment.

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Explore optimization from various angles

Enhance your product assortment by analyzing market offerings by competitors, marketplaces & comparison platforms. Ensure your range covers all price points, from low-budget to premium and high-end options.

Identify and include missing brands in your relevant categories. Or simply discover products currently available in the market that are absent from your own assortment. It's time to upgrade and keep up!

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How it works

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Ready to benefit from actionable competitor assortment insights?

We'd love to show you how it works. Feel free to request a demo today.

How you benefit

Optimize your competitive position to outperform the market.

Data integrated into your systems or via our user friendly dashboard

Based on your preferences, we can integrate our intelligence data into the tools you already use. We're talking seamless connections with your BI-tools like Looker Studio, Power BI or Qliq, as well as with your databases, CRM or ERP. For this, we can provide an API.

Another way to get access to the data you're looking for is through our easy to use online dashboard. We fully design it to match your team’s workflows, so you can save time and start implementing assortment changes straight away.

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Standard or advanced?

Whether you need info on basic products or detailed custom services,
we offer standard, advanced and tailored solutions to meet your wishlist.

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Frequently asked

What is assortment optimization?

Assortment optimization is all about refining a company's product catalogue using various strategies and tools to ensure it is competitive, appealing, and relevant to the target audience.

How do assortment optimization tools gather data from competitor websites?

Assortment optimization tools use web scraping techniques to collect data from competitor websites. This includes extracting information about product assortments, prices, descriptions, images and more.

Is assortment optimization also available for smaller businesses?

Yes, assortment optimization tools can also be  beneficial for small businesses by leveling the playing field. By providing insights into market trends and competitor strategies, small businesses can make informed decisions and adapt quickly to changes in the market.

Ready to find and fill assortment gaps at scale?

It's time to leverage competitive assortments to optimize your own by letting our technology do the work for you. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you a free quote.