your competition

We enable you to outperform competitors with
AI-powered competitive insights.

Our AI-powered scrapers turn any website
into structured data and insights.

We collect any data from any website

Pricing data

Assortment insights

Online reviews


The possibilities are endless

We enrich this data and turn
it into actionable insights

Act upon competitor price and assortment changes
Improve ROAS by allocating budget to well positioned products
Monitor your and your competitor’s online reviews at scale with AI
Unveil your competitor's SEO strategies and outrank them

These insights enable you to outsmart
and outperform your competition

Your company

The reasons our clients choose Competify

Actionable competitive insights

We source data from any website, e-commerce channel, marketplace and API. Our data scientists, engineers and analysts connect and enrich internal and external data to provide you with real competitive advantage.

Plug & Play for you

We connect to your way of working, enabling a plug & play experience of market and competitive intelligence in the data model & tools you already use. AWS, Azure, PowerBI or Excel -> you decide, we adapt.

Quality assured

You can trust our data. We leverage the power of AI to automate quality checks, while honoring the importance of human validation. Competify is trusted by leading companies like Bol.com, Odido, Specsavers, Lamp en Licht and Louwman.

Outperform competition

Our clients outperform their competitors. How? They report increased sales, higher revenue and better margins. Our simple 3-step approach guarantees that you too can benefit from competitive intelligence whenever you’re ready.

Our approach

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